Perl Dancer Advent Calendar 2014

Happy Christmas, and welcome to the Dancer team's advent calendar for 2014!

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We've assembled a set of articles about getting to grips with Dancer, one for each day in December up to Christmas Eve. (As is pretty much traditional with Advent Calendar affairs!)

Full article list

Here's a full list of the previous posts with their titles:

  1. Another year of Dancing...
  2. Dancer2 - starting anew
  3. Migrating to Dancer2
  4. Your website in a carton box
  5. Packing the Fat
  6. Static noise - Static file serving in Dancer2
  7. Doing an API Mashup with Dancer
  8. Sweetening the test suite
  9. New feature in Dancer2: to_app
  10. What's in an appname?
  11. Serial Serializer - making API writing easier
  12. A test to remember: testing your web application
  13. The test core: How we test in Dancer2 core
  14. Writing plugins for Dancer2
  15. Outreach Program for Women (OPW) and Dancer
  16. Command line dancing
  17. Hidden feature: Auto Pages
  18. The method of the setup method
  19. Authentication for the masses
  20. Meddling with Middlewares
  21. Middlewared Dancer: our usage of middlewares
  22. The Dancer community policy
  23. Dynamic routing in Dancer is dynamic
  24. Past and future