Perl Dancer Advent Calendar 2011

Happy Christmas, and welcome to the Dancer team's advent calendar for 2011!

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We've assembled a set of articles about getting to grips with Dancer, one for each day in December up to Christmas Eve. (As is pretty much traditional with Advent Calendar affairs!)

Full article list

Here's a full list of the previous posts with their titles:

  1. Looking back on 2011
  2. Simple CRUD with Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD
  3. Self-Contained Dancer Application
  4. How to safely store a password
  5. Easy Database Access with Dancer::Plugin::Database
  6. Flexible exceptions handling with Dancer::Exception
  7. Building a blog engine using Perl Dancer
  8. Dancer 2, or Why I Rewrote Everything
  9. Profiling Dancer apps with Dancer::Plugin::NYTProf
  10. Portable file handling in Dancer apps
  11. Dancer 2, a Roadmap
  12. Dancer workshop at London Perl Workshop 2011
  13. Serving Files with Dancer::Plugin::DirectoryView and Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Htpasswd
  14. Dynamic AJAX charting with Dancer and Highcharts
  15. Sending email in Dancer using Dancer::Plugin::Email
  16. How to use Dancer with Plack middlewares
  17. Dancer plugins ecosystem
  18. Alternative Dancer Templating Engines
  19. How to use Dancer::Plugin::Redis
  20. High-performance Dancer apps
  21. Making RSS feeds using Dancer::Plugin::Feed
  22. Generating CAPTCHAs using Dancer::Plugin::Captcha::SecurityImage
  23. Meet the core team
  24. Thanking the contributors