Outreach Program for Women (OPW) and Dancer

The Outreach Program for Women (OPW) helps women work on Open Source and Free Software applications while receiving a salary and having a mentor by their side.

The Perl Foundation (TPF) is participating this year again, and this year we have the pleasure of participating with Dancer!

Our participant

Our applicant, Snigdha Dagar, has been accepted to work on Dancer2's documentation overhaul!

She had already contributed the first draft of the Dancer2::Manual::Migration document to help users with upgrading from Dancer to Dancer2.

The documentation overhaul

The documentation overhaul was deemed a crucial component in making the upgrading from Dancer 1 to Dancer 2 more attainable.

The current documentation has been copied over from Dancer 1, but is not completely compatible. Some things have changed and many features have been added. Unfortunately in the frenzy of continuing upgrading Dancer and its abilities, along with important improvements, we lack the tuits to resolve the outstanding problems with the current documentation.

Starting from scratch would be a tremendous amount of work, and whether it will be less or more work than going through the current documentation with a fine comb and sorting it out still does not resolve the problem with the lack of personnel for this task.

What we need is human resources - and not the department. :)

There is a plan

Snigdha has provided a plan for overhauling the documentation, which includes researching other FOSS projects, provide introductory material, How-to guides, and cohesiveness of the overall documentation.

Her work will help resolve the documentation problems, assure consistency, accuracy, and above all, a well structured, helpful documentation for such an important project.

There will be updates

We are excited and delighted to have her help in these upcoming months and we will be providing updates on the progress made.

We are certain Snigdha would appreciate any guidance and assistance from the community. Feel free to suggest corrections, improvements, what to focus on, what to not focus on, and how to assure the success of her work and the project.


This article has been written by Sawyer X for the Perl Dancer Advent Calendar 2014.


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