Perl Dancer Advent Calendar 2010

Happy Christmas, and welcome to the Dancer team's advent calendar for 2010!

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We've assembled a set of articles about getting to grips with Dancer, one for each day in December up to Christmas Eve. (As is pretty much traditional with Advent Calendar affairs!)

Full article list

Here's a full list of the previous posts with their titles:

  1. Dancer 1.2 - a micro web framework milestone
  2. Why routes - route-based programming introduction
  3. Tutorial: writing a tiny blog engine
  4. Database connections with Dancer::Plugin::Database
  5. How to write a plugin
  6. Testing a Dancer application
  7. Storing sessions in cookies
  8. Writing REST web services with Dancer
  9. Writing a Quick NaNoWriMo Graphing Web Application with Dancer
  10. Deploying Dancer in CGI and VPS Environments
  11. Using DBIx::Class within a Dancer application
  12. Adding a feed to your application
  13. DancerJukebox - controlling MPD from Dancer
  14. Deployment of Dancer applications with Starman, Apache and mod_proxy
  15. Tutorial: Shrinkr, an URL shortener
  16. Use cool stuff to render a graph
  17. Authentication with Twitter OAuth
  18. Dive into Dancer's internals
  19. Writing a new Dancer serializer backend
  20. Writing a new Dancer logger backend
  21. Writing a new Dancer session backend
  22. How to use Dancer with Plack middlewares
  23. Dancer's ecosystem
  24. How to contribute to Dancer