Perl Dancer Advent Calendar 2012

Happy Christmas, and welcome to the Dancer team's advent calendar for 2012!

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We've assembled a set of articles about getting to grips with Dancer, one for each day in December up to Christmas Eve. (As is pretty much traditional with Advent Calendar affairs!)

Full article list

Here's a full list of the previous posts with their titles:

  1. Another year of Dancing...
  2. New user authentication and authorisation framework
  3. Dancer deployment: Apache's mod_proxy and Nginx
  4. Dancer 2, what about using it? Now!
  5. Dancer::Session::Redis - Writing a session engine for Dancer 2
  6. The Errors of Our Way
  7. A first app with Dancer 2
  8. Porting Dancer Template Modules to Dancer 2
  9. Dancer training at LPW2012
  10. Dancecard
  11. Simple, but more flexible, CRUD
  12. Pluggable Route Handlers for Dancer 2
  13. The Gift Of Auto-Completion
  14. Building a Search Web App with Dancer and Sphinx
  15. Dancer As A Persistent Interpreter Node
  16. Redesigning Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Extensible
  17. Create your own Dancer 2 DSL
  18. Meet Dancer users - Crowdtilt
  19. Meet Dancer users - The Game Crafter
  20. Using DBIx::Class within a Dancer application
  21. Writing a Quick NaNoWriMo Graphing Web Application with Dancer
  22. Tutorial: Shrinkr, an URL shortener
  23. Dancer::Plugin::Adapter
  24. Twas the Release Before Christmas