Perl Dancer Advent Calendar 2020

The Twelve Days of Dancer

Happy Christmas, and welcome to the Dancer team's advent calendar for 2020! We've gone for a cut-down "twelve days of Dancer" approach due to a shortage of quality posts and time - we'd rather put out fewer, better articles than just a load of filler.

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Full article list

Here's a full list of the previous posts with their titles:

  1. The Twelve Days of Dancer
  2. Collective Voice: Using Dancer2 at a Digital Marketing Agency
  3. What's a Quarren?
  4. Typed Route Parameters in Dancer2
  5. Dancer2::Template::Handlebars
  6. Post-processing HTML with Mojo::DOM
  7. Making a one-page app using Dancer2::Plugin::Ajax
  8. Dancer2::Plugin::Minion (aka, Using Minion in Dancer Apps, Revisited)
  9. Dancer Two-Factor Authentication Demo
  10. Asynchronous Dancer2 PT. 1 - What, Why, and How?
  11. Asynchronous Dancer2 PT. 2 - Promises and a Bonus!
  12. Simple content negotiation with the mutable serializer.