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My new favorite way to package Dancer2 applications is Carton. You setup a single file, type a command or two, and you're done. Here's how it works and how you set it up yourself.

What Carton does?

Carton sets up a local copy of your project prerequisites. You only need to define them in a file and ask Carton to download all of them and set them up.

When you want to deploy your app, you just carry the git clone and ask Carton to set up the environment again and you will then be able to run it.

The benefit is multi-fold:

  • Local directory copy

    By putting all the dependencies in a local directory, you can make sure they aren't updated by someone else by accident and their versions locked to the version you picked.

  • Sync versions

    Deciding which versions of the dependent modules your project needs allows you to sync this with other developers as well. Now you're all using the same version and they don't change unless you want update the versions you want. When updated everyone again uses the same new version of everything.

  • Carry only the requirement, not bundled modules

    Instead of bundling the modules, you only actually bundle the requirements. Carton builds them for you when you need it.

Setting it up

First thing we do is set up a new app:

$ dancer2 -a MyApp

Then we delete the files we don't care about:


Now let's create a Git repo:

$ git init && git add . && git commit -m "initial commit"

Let's add a requirement using the cpanfile format:

$ cat > cpanfile
requires 'Dancer2' => 0.155000;
requires 'Template' => 0;
recommends 'URL::Encode::XS' => 0;
recommends 'CGI::Deurl::XS' => 0;
recommends 'HTTP::Parser::XS' => 0;

We can now ask Carton to set it up:

$ carton install
Installing modules using [...]
Successfully installed [...]
Complete! Modules were install into [...]/local

Now we have two files: cpanfile and cpanfile.snapshot. We add both of them to our Git repository and we make sure we don't accidentally add the local/ directory Carton created which holds the modules it installed:

$ echo local/ >> .gitignore
$ git add .gitignore cpanfile cpanfile.snapshot
$ git commit -m "Start using carton"

When we want to update the versions on the production machine, we simply call:

$ carton install --deployment

By using --deployment we make sure we only install the modules we have in our cpanfile.snapshot file and do not fallback to querying the CPAN.


Setting up Carton takes two minutes and allows us to provide specific requirements for our applications and a mechanism to install them on a production machine while ensuring it will create a local copy of everything.

We no longer care about the system module versions and we can maintain multiple versions of each module used in each separate application. If a certain application doesn't need to update a module, it just doesn't have to, and at the same time doesn't prevent another application from updating its own modules.

Try it out, you'll love it!


This article has been written by Sawyer X for the Perl Dancer Advent Calendar 2014.


No copyright retained. Enjoy.

2014 // Sawyer X <>