Looking ahead to 2024

Wow, what a year 2023 was! How could the Dancer Core Team top that one?! Well, here's a couple of things currently in the hopper:

The Year of the Docs?

We've recently had some discussions with an author and technical writer on how to get our docs rewritten across the finish line. We have some solid ideas and are picking up some steam on this.

One of the things we accomplished in the lead-up to Dancer2 1.0.0 was overhauling some of our supplemental documentation (how to contribute, etc.). We're committed to making those changes to the core documentation as well.

Shrinking of the backlog

Sawyer has recently picked off a few of the oldest issues in the backlog, and I tend to work from the newest backward. Before long, we can meet in the middle. We have several open issues. Some are so close to completion that you can almost taste them. It would be great to carry those over the finish line.

Core Team Meetup/Hackathon?

We've kicked around this idea for the last year or so, and tried to work out the logistics of an in-person hackathon. I'm not sure we're able to manage that yet, but given how much momentum we picked up at TPRC this summer, we're all excited to get together, if only virtually, to see what great things will come from all of us getting together again.

Shameless plug: donations help make in-person meetups happen. If you're interested in helping sponsor this, please contact us!

Final Thoughts

We have the best intentions in making these things happen, and looking at things today, I think they will. Please remember these are intentions, not promises.

Our community support and excitement over this year's release has reaffirmed our reasons for building Dancer2; it's been great to see the positive buzz that's been generated this year and to hear all the great things our users are building with Dancer2.

Thanks for being such a great community, and we look forward to engaging with you in 2024!


This article has been written by Jason Crome (CromeDome) for the Twelve Days of Dancer.


No copyright retained. Enjoy.

Jason A. Crome / CromeDome