Tidings of Comfort and Joy: Dancer Core Team, TPRF Partnership

In the lead-up to Dancer2 1.0.0, the Dancer Core Team finalized an exciting collaboration with The Perl and Raku Foundation (TPRF) to have the foundation collect and manage funds on behalf of the Dancer project.


Running an open-source project like Dancer2 is no small feat. Our team, though passionate and dedicated, is still relatively small. Dealing with administrative things (managing funds, paying bills, etc.) is not our strong suit. And every inefficient minute we spend on it, we're not spending on advancing Dancer and addressing community needs.

Enter TPRF: a foundation with the resources and infrastructure to support Perl and Raku projects by handling the administration and monetary aspects, leaving us free to focus on what we do best - coding and enhancing Dancer.

We're thrilled to pilot this partnership, which could serve as a model for other Perl and Raku projects in the future.

Why This Matters

TPRF's involvement is a game-changer. They don't just help us with the paperwork; they open doors to easily receive new funding and allow us to secure the resources we need to fund the ongoing development of Dancer and its ecosystem.

Donations - the gift that keeps on giving

All future donations will go into a fund that TPRF manages, and existing Dancer funds will be transferred to this fund. In doing this, TPRF can extend its 501c status to Dancer donations, meaning that any donations made to the Dancer project are fully tax deductible! So not only will your donations advance the development of Dancer, but you can also use these donations to reduce your tax burden. Everyone wins!

Funds collected by TPRF on behalf of the Dancer project go 100% towards Dancer and the Dancer Core Team to be spent on the further development of Dancer and Dancer-related projects.

Details, details

In the spirit of community, the Dancer Core Team agreed to:

  • Follow a Code of Conduct

    We believe in the spirit of a clear, inclusive Code of Conduct to create a safe space for the community. Our existing Code of Conduct serves us in this purpose, and we hope more communities will adopt a similar policy.

  • Responsible spending of funds

    We chose a process that works for our team's system of governance on how funds can be spent. TL;DR: I can't unilaterally take that vacation to Tahiti that I've always wanted (at least not on team funds!).

In addition to the agreed adherence rules set by TPRF, we intend to openly and transparently share with the community how funding will be spent.


If you're looking to donate to the Dancer project, you can reach out to The Perl & Raku Foundation to donate and make it clear the donation should go to the Dancer project.

Thank you for helping us maintain and develop Dancer. Please reach out to inform us of your interest in Dancer, and if you have any interests in particular aspects of Dancer you want to see improved or supported.


We extend our thanks to TPRF for their willingness to work with us on piloting this program. We hope the community is as excited about this as we are!


This article has been written by Jason Crome for the Twelve Days of Dancer.


No copyright retained. Enjoy.

Jason A. Crome / CromeDome